Vocal Profile

Female | Range 30-60 | Non Union

Voice Description

Gayle's voice delivery makes you feel like she's talking to you, not at you. She can go from off the chart crazy to buttoned down professional. If you want to hook your client onto your message, Gayle can help you.

Industry Niches

• TV / Radio Commercials

• Corporate Narration

• Phone Systems

• Documentaries

• Audiobooks

About Gayle

If you are looking for a professional voice actor, that will take the stress off of your shoulders, is reliable, gets your project done on time, in budget, and is easy to work with, listen to my demos and you'lll be hooked.


I have a degree in leisure studies - don't snicker, it's for real. I used my degree and managed recreational facilities. One of them being a a tennis club in Oak Park, a suburb of Chicago. Loved my job, met alot of great people, including a very successful voice over actor...

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Studio Capabilities

Home Digital Studio capable of delivering professional mp3 audio files. Files can be delived by e-mail, FTP, or CD. Available for direction by phone patch or Skype.

Contact Gayle

mobile 630.750.7151

location Chapel Hill, North Carolina

email gayleevans@mac.com

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Demo Player

Featured Clients

• Capital Bank
• Travis County Appraisal District
• Citgo
• Universal Wiring
• Abacus Plumbing
• Family Care Clinic

crawford broadcast company
clear channel entertainment

Client Testimonials

"Gayle has an amazing talent to create a wide range of personalities with her voice. A true professional committed to her craft, she has a great sense of humor and is a delight to work with."

- Irene O'Connor, Marketing Consultant at SafetyBook.org

Vocal Training

Bosco Productions in Chicago :: Kathy Keyes

The Second City Chicago :: Improv Training

The VoiceActing Academy :: James Alburger & Penny Abshire

The Great Voice Company :: Susan Berkley

Ongoing private coaching, webinars, and seminars

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